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EMULSIFIER AND STIRRER are provided with different types of agitation components for process such as mixing, blending, dissolution, dispersion, homogenization, reaction, fermentation, oxidation, digestion and emulsification of liquid, paste, ointment, solution, viscous material and solid-liquid.

EMULSIFIER AND STIRRER are designed and adapted to any vessel shape and can be implemented with or without lower support. Different types of blades can be combined depending on the process requirements. The sealing system are designed and adapted depending on the requirement of the various process and start from simple retainers to double mechanical seals. Agitators are available with different type of mounting as per suitability of the process and users requirements.

Different types of blades can be combined depending on the process requirements and various conditions including the stirring objective, tank shape, rotating speed, viscosity, mixing blades of different configurations should be applied for different operating objectives. Different mixing blades follow various specifications to design and select the configurations of the blades. The ratio of the blade to the inner diameter of the tank, angular speed of the blade top, viscosity change during mixing process and the range of the flow volume are the factors to be considered. There are various types of blade mixer and can be categorized into axial flow and radial flow according to the flow pattern of the fluid in the tank. The main factors affecting mixing performance are as below and the commonly used configurations are listed for reference:

  1. Shape, diameter, sweep back angle and slant angle of the mixer blade
  2. Number of layers and the vertical position of the mixer blade where it is installed
  3. Rotating speed of the mixer blade
  4. Shape, inner volume, number of baffles and outline dimensions of the mixing tank
  5. Batch operation or continuous operation.


Different mounting of stirrer assembly.

1. Wall mounting
2. Telescopic Stand
3. Top of the vessels / Tanks.
4. Bottom of the Vessels / Tanks.

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