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The Fluid Bed Dryer manufactured by us is ideal for the rapid, even drying of chemical, pharmaceutical and food product. FBDs are the state of the art drying units comparable to any internationally made FBDs, with all the features available. Our FBDs are built with a working pressure of 3.0 Bar at 800c.

The in-house innovation team has been able to enhance the drying capabilities of our FBDs by 18 – 20% thus resulting in lesser drying time, giving a better shelf life to the product. The air handling unit has been designed keeping in mind, tool less construction for ease in cleaning / replacing the filter assembly. The finger bag assembly is with quick release clamps for easy removal and fixing of the finger bag. The machine has been designed ergonomically resulting in ease of operation.


Fluid Bed Dryer is designed to introduce the hot air stream at the /base of the product container which is filled with the material. Induced draught is created by means of blower and fresh air is sucked into the unit. This hot air stream expands the material at certain velocity and creating turbulence in the product. The phenomenon is known as fluidization and offer conditions which are almost for drying. Fluidization produces full agitation of solid particles by hot air, heat transfer is extremely high and uniform. The product is dried fast without appreciable loss of heat. Filter bags prevent particle escaping from the dryer.


Process Unit

  • The process unit is a single-piece welded design, made of stainless steel SS-316.
  • All process contact parts are made of SS-316.
  • The external finish includes polished welds, creating a uniform texture.
  • The entire product contact surface is mirror-finished.
  • Mirror polishing flushes all welds to create crevice-free profiles both internally and externally.
  • The expansion chamber containing the filter finger bags & dished end is made of single-piece construction from SS-316 quality steel.
  • A specially designed base provides an air vortex effect and added strength.
  • A central drain is provided in the base for wash water release.

Bowl/Product Container

  • The product bowl is conical-shaped, manufactured from SS-316 grade stainless steel with stainless steel mesh support.
  • The product container trolley is tubular construction made from SS-304 pipe, mounted on polypropylene castor wheels for maneuverability.
  • The batch loading capacity is higher due to better fluidization by varying the shaking frequency of the finger bags.

Rubber Gasket

A solid ‘D’ shaped food-grade silicon rubber gasket is provided in the groove of the flanged joint to prevent air leakage during operation.

Uniform Lifting of Container

Product container lifting is ensured by a specially designed arrangement with a centrically fitted pneumatic cylinder, ensuring uniform lifting throughout the periphery of the container.

Auto Shaking Device

A pneumatic cylinder with a wire rope made of SS-304 is used for the auto-shaking device of the finger bags, ensuring efficient shaking for proper fluidization.

Air Handling Unit

  • Blower and filter with heating arrangement are housed in the rear chamber, reducing sound pollution and interference during maintenance.
  • The blower is centrifugal type with dynamically balanced impeller and backward curved blades, constructed with stainless steel.
  • The air filter consists of washable filters followed by a heating coil section containing a full air duct steam-operated heater battery.

Explosion Vent

The equipment is provided with a rupture disc as an explosion vent, tested at 2 Bar pressure, mounted on the side of the dryer.

Earthing Device

A std designed earthing device spring type is provided with the dryer however intrinsically safe earthing device with low voltage relay is also available.

Electro Pneumatic Control Panel

A free standing steel control panel having the following controls:

  • Inlet air temperature controller.
  • Exhaust air temperature indicator.
  • Product bowl lifting & lowering valve.
  • Process air Damper regulation.
  • Blower motor, start & stop.
  • Compressed air pressure Gauges.
  • Filter bag shaking timer.
  • Solenoid valves etc.

In Fluid Bed Dryer

Temperature distribution throughout the product is uniform and the heat transfer rate is very high. Due to the reduced drying time high production rates are achieved.

As the product is in close contact with the drying air at low temperature, and also for short duration, the physical and chemical properties of the products are generally not effected and therefore the dryer can effectively be used for heat sensitive products.

Due to the continuous movements of product during drying, lump formation, case hardening etc. are minimized.

The Fluid Bed Dryer are most suitable for drying, granular, crystalline, coarse or similar material in pharmaceutical, fine chemical, fine chemicals, dyes, food, allied products. The Fluid Bed Dryer is not suitable for drying liquids or pasty materials.


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