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Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer/ Vacuum Emulsion Mixer

Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer is applicable for a wide variety of viscosity products, i.e. emulsions and semisolids. It integrates with pressure, heating, cooling, and vacuum for Agitating, Mixing, Emulating, Dispersing, Suspending, and Homogenizing & agglomeration functions into a single machine.

Agitator Mixer

Two low-speed agitators: Counter-rotating mixer with outer anchor stirrer with self-pressure Teflon scrapers and contra-rotating inner paddle blade. Ultra Mixer is a combination of counter-rotating inner paddle agitator and outer anchor agitator, generating a disturbance in the normally circular flow pattern and dampens vortex formation. The blades of paddles are pitched to promote top-to-bottom flow. In addition, self-adjustable scrapers are utilized to prevent the build-up of a stagnant film between the agitator and the vessel, and assure efficient heat transfer to the product during heating and cooling steps.

High-Speed Homogenizer (OPTIONAL)

Toothed rotor/stator type Homo disperser, located at the bottom of the vessel, accomplishes emulsification by physical action and centrifugal forces created by high-speed rotation of the rotor. These actions would break up oil phase/ aqueous phase liquid stream into tiny and discrete droplets.


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