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The Moveable hoist is use for transfer the material dust free and without human touch in pharmaceutical industries for Load powder in to RMG bowl, Load powder in to hopper of tablet press, Load tablet in to hopper of blister pack & Coating Machine and online sifting and milling as well as container one room to another room.

The Drum Lifter consists of a main frame made of machined alloy steels. This flat make a “C” type basic structure. It is perfect in geometry and accuracy in terms of inside sliding width. Inside there is a carriage which runs on the rollers. These rollers run on ball bearings and are having a locking rim which allows rollers to glide smoothly inside the main frame and in straight line only. The load which is carried by the carriage moves upward without any bending or tilting. Rollers are made up of alloy steel having ball bearings and special rubber oil seal. The Structure is completely cladded / Covered by S.S.304 Sheets completely covering the structure and argon welded to avoid any screws for the cladding.

This entire structure is supported at both the ends by moveable trolley mounting structure for easy mobility. Inside the main frame there is a hydraulic cylinder which lifts or lowers the pulley to which the carriage is connected. Hydraulic cylinder is actuated by double solenoid valve which can make it move upward and downward. One can raise lower or stop the load at desired position. Hydraulic cylinder is also having a flow control valve which controls the linear speed of the load. There is a limit switch at the lower and upper ends which determines the endpoints for the lift and that can be set by the user as per their requirements. On the front side there is rubber /nylon sandwiched belt which is PVC coated on both sides and it covers the front side completely as the carriage moves upward or downward side. Thus entire hoist is covered from all sides allowing no tablet dust to enter inside. The hoist will have power pack kept on the service floor and hydraulic tubes will come through the main housing internally.

Salient Features

  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • Capacity available 30 Kg to 150 Kg.
  • Fully automatic system, with hydraulic lifting arrangement for quick and easy handling & conveying.
  • Limit switches are provided to stop the hydraulic drive when the stroke is competed.
  • The hoist working height is suitable for 6 feet for door.
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