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For Processing of Liquid & Semi-Solid Emulsions like, Ointment / Cream / Gels / Lotion / Shampoo / Toothpaste, as well as range of specialties within pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food & chemical Industry.

Technical Specification of Ointment Manufacturing Plant / Cream Manufacturing Machine

  • Wax heating vessel.
  • Water melting vessel.
  • Manufacturing vessel.
  • Storage vessel.
  • Interconnecting pipeline.
  • Bump pump and metering pumps.
  • Integrated automatic control panel.
  • Working platform.
  • Vacuum pump.
  • Storage vessel.

Process Description of Ointment Manufacturing Plant/Cream Manufacturing Machine

  1. All vessels are manufactured from SS 316 grade stainless steel sheets and are cGMP-compliant construction.
  2. The vessels are jacketed, insulated, clad, and equipped with suitable agitator assembly in each vessel.
  3. Wax is melted in the wax melting vessel; water is heated in the water heating vessel.
  4. Both wax and water are transferred into the manufacturing vessel automatically through vacuum.
  5. In the manufacturing vessel, both wax and water are homogenized to make a uniform emulsion and cooled by passing chilled water into the jacket of the manufacturing vessel.
  6. After the emulsion is formed, active ingredients/colors, etc., are added and thoroughly mixed and homogenized.
  7. The same is transferred by bump pump into the storage vessel. From the storage vessel, it is automatically transferred into the filling machine by means of a metering pump.
  8. Flow rate of the metering pump can be set as per your tube filling machine’s speed and capacity.

Salient Features

  • The Manufacturing Vessel is an efficient processing system which offers consistent high-quality products, shorter batch cycles, minimal operation costs, easy and efficient cleaning, low space requirements, and simple operation.
  • All wetted parts are of SS 316/316L quality material. All pipelines are seamless and internally electro-polished.
  • Complete untouched process.
  • The Manufacturing Vessel is a pressure and vacuum-tight mixing vessel. All material transfer is done under vacuum.


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